Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm back (Finally!) And a brief timeline.

Welcome back! I had all but abandoned this blog during my pregnancy, mostly because I was super-stressed with teaching and freaking out about all things pregnancy-related. I've got A LOT to catch up on, but here's the short version:

May 5, 2011: Found out I was pregnant (J was out of town so I had to keep this top-secret; so hard!)

May 6, 2011: Gave Jacob the big news!

May 7, 2011: Told my family, just in time for Mother's Day

August 14, 2011: Found out that Baby Young was a GIRL!

October 21, 2011: Gave her a name on my birthday: Norah Kingsley Young

November/December: Baby showers and getting everything all set up (nursery, classes, pediatrician, etc)

January 5, 2012: Welcomed Norah to the world!

January 5-April 15: Savored my sweet maternity leave. I go back to work on April 16 to finish out the school year, which will be tough since I've gotten used to spending my mornings and afternoons with my little buddy. I'm sure 6 weeks will fly by, though!

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