Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How iTrimmed my iBill

This is how I feel every month (except with a slightly less old-school phone). Mr. J and I both have iPhones, which we agree are unnecessary but kind of awesome. For the past few months, our phone and internet bills have been out of control. Usually, I just sigh and vow to look at the bill later because I typically have some other pressing activity to attend to (grading, grading, more grading).

Now that it's summer, though, I no longer have that excuse. Yesterday, I spent 3 hours combing my cell phone bill, going to (LOVE!) and researching AT&T's plans. I quickly found that we have WAY too many "anytime" minutes that we never use, too many text messages that we never use, and a few features that.... we never use.

So after lots of research, I found a way to shave $100 off our bill each month. Woohoo! (And I know, crazy that it was ever that high in the first place.)

On to the internet.

Every time I'm watching tv, I see commercials for AT&T advertising $19.95 internet service. My internet service is $35, so I wondered what the deal was. After calling AT&T and asking about this (and threatening to switch internet providers), they graciously offered to give me the $19.95/month rate, too. Dave Ramsey would be proud :)

Anyway, I know you are in awe of how glamorous my summer days are, but I just wanted to let you know how simple it can be to save a nice chunk of change each month.