Thursday, January 27, 2011


Howdy, and welcome to my home sweet e-home. My name is KK, and I live in Austin with my husband Mr. J and our precious little dog Izzy. Most of the time, I'm at school, teaching a writing and design to high schoolers. It's a fun job but can be very consuming -- which is why I started this little online space. Those of you who know me may think of me as a bonafide gangsta (hence my shout-out to my homey Michelle P. and the Dangerous Minds crew via my blog title) but I'm gonna take it down a notch for this blog. No brass knuckles or gripping stories from my days dodging the po-po here. Right...

Here's the deal: I'm a *recovering* oldest-child-perfectionist-color-inside-the-lines kind of girl. I wanted to be a corporate lawyer and make tons of money until I realized that a) it did not seem so fun after all to wear pantyhose to work; and b) I really want to use my days to craft and create instead.

A trashed law school app, a journalism degree, a (currently useless) master's degree, and a couple of jobs later -- including a terrible stint in marketing and a couple of cool but low-paying journalism gigs -- I'm finding out what makes for a full, well-lived life. I think it involves copious amounts of creating. And wine. But mostly creating.

And because I'm just really not dependable unless you give me a firm deadline and threaten me with horrible consequences (like no cheese for a week), I figure I need some sort of framework to spur me on. Otherwise, I will find other more pressing matters to attend to... like Facebooking or looking for online recipes I'll never cook. So here's to hoping that this blog will help me be accountable in exploring what kinds of designs, writings, crafts, and other fun creations can emerge with a little structure.